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GOLD PRICE for 4/29/20

On a macro basis: I cautioned on 8/16/18 the break back above $1,179.7-$1,183.7 warned of renewed strength. We have seen $605.1 of this. The break above $1,347.0 projects this upward $80 minimum, $320 (+) maximum.We have attained $441.3 of this so far. We are likely in the later stage of the bull structure from $1,046.8 upward. These bull calls are ON HOLD. On a shorter-term basis: The trade at $1,704.8 warns of a run back down toward $1,665 (-)—although this is not a projection but a good likelihood. This bias will be negated if we trade $1,730.0.We held the last possible exhaustion area (if this is a corrective move against the move down from $1,788.8) at $1,762.6 with a $1,764.2 high and have rolled over

NOTE: this is just a small portion of the market calls I provide my clients twice daily in the Gold and Energy complex. 'Decent penetrations' are specific amounts and provided to clients daily as well. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out.

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