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Natural Gas 1/14/20

On a macro basis: We held an exhaustion area at 2729 and rolled over 646 tics into a bear structure. The solid trade below 2524 projected this downward 400 tics minimum, 750 tics (+) maximum. We have attained 441 tics so far. These are now on hold. The 2120-052 general area is a higher timeframe exhaustion area below. We held 2083 on 1/3 and bounced 151 tics. On a shorter-term basis: The decent trade above 2152 (-.6 of a tic per/hour) projects this upward 60 tics minimum, 90 tics (+) maximum based off an ‘ok’ formed pattern. We have seen 82 tics of this so far, but this is now on hold. The decent trade back below 2205-07 brought in 42 tics of the pressure warned about below—this will come in at 2212-15 today—decent trade back above will be a sign of renewed strength. We are obviously in a period of choppy consolidation, but the structure is slowly edging higher.

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