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Natural Gas for 1/15/20

The decent trade above 2152 (-.6 of a tic per/hour) projects this upward 60 tics minimum, 90 tics (+) maximum based off an ‘ok’ formed pattern. We have seen 101 tics of this so far before rejecting out of the gap above and coming off. I said in the Post Market Synopsis that this did not go out looking strong on the day—we are called 31 tics lower as of 4:30am. A maintained gap lower today will leave a short- term bearish reversal above. Decent trade below 2163 will project this downward 90 tics (+), but can withstand 23 tics of violation and remain valid. NOTE: This is just a small portion of the analysis I provide my clients twice daily, and does not include the larger calls.

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