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NATURAL GAS for 4/16/20

The solid trade below 2410 projected this downward 400 tics minimum, 750 tics (+) maximum.We attained 889 tics so far. The decent break back above 1643-47 warned of short covering—we have seen 271 tics of this so far.The decent break back below 1740 warns of pressure toward 1525 (-).We have seen 160 tics of this so far.The near maintained gap lower Tuesday also left a short-term bearish reversal above that also warns of decent pressure.Decent trade back above 1698-701 will negate this and warn of a run for 1918. NOTE: this is just a small portion of the market calls I provide my clients twice daily in the Natural Gas and Energy/Gold complex. 'Decent penetrations' are specific amounts provided to clients daily as well. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out.

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